The Right Materials for Custom Plantation Shutters

heritance truview livingroom

The window treatments in your home serve to enhance your space and provide controlled light and privacy right at your fingertips. Plantation shutters are a classic look that will fit in with any decor. They are simple in their design but add the perfect touch to tie your entire aesthetic together. Even if you don’t think that plantation shutters are the right treatment for your home, you can customize them ensure that your dream shutters come to life. They can be customized based upon materials, which allows for certain stains, colors, and textures.

Plantation shutters at Hunter Douglas are made with extraordinary craftsmanship, which means that they will stand the test of time. Hunter Douglas has three different styles of plantation shutters, so you can find the one best-suited for your needs. The first style is Heritance, which is the most traditional of the three styles. Although this style may be simplistic in its appearance, it is built to be durable in any scenario. They are crafted from real wood, have a horizontal in orientation, and can be customized for specific window shapes. Although they are a bit more expensive than most shutters, they are manufactured through dovetail construction that ensure a strong design. Given that the material of Heritance shutters is wood, it allows you to customize the color through specific paints and stains.

NewStyle shutters are considered a modern-day twist to the traditional forms of plantation style window treatments. They are meant to be a value, so they are made from a combination of wood and modern-day materials. Therefore, they will last a significant amount of time and will prevent you from having to continuously buy new window treatments. These durable, hybrid shutters are also available in in specialty shapes, meaning that they will fit perfectly in any of the rooms in your home. The finishes and colors range from crisp white to a deep, rustic brown, allowing them to serve as decor.

Palm Beach Polysatin shutters take the cake for the most resistant. They are composed of a special compound designed to withstand the toughest of conditions, including chipped paint or cracked stain. It includes many of the other features of the various shutters, including UV protection and lifetime guarantees. They are also resistant to high heat and humidity, making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

All the various types of shutters are customizable so that you are able to design your own window treatment. Hunter Douglas understands that everyone has a different vision for their home or space, making it necessary to leave the design elements up to the customers. There are also a variety of operating systems that allow you to have complete control over your window treatments.

If you are searching for the perfect custom window treatment for your home, come check out the plantation shutters by Hunter Douglas at Window Coverings of Idaho. We will meet with you at your home to help determine which plantation shutters offer the best materials for your home to meet your needs. We serve Boise, Eagle, Star, Ketchum, Sun Valley and the surrounding areas.